• Uniform Wares C41 Chronograph Headlines New Swiss Made Watch Collection

    UK-based Uniform Wares has made a name for itself with modern watches designed with sterile dials (no text) and slick looks that are based on classic timepiece design principles. For a while Uniform Wares has teased a move to a complete “Swiss Made” production, and now at the end of 2014 the re-vamped collection of all Swiss Made Uniform Wares … Keep reading
  • Forging The Magrette Regattare Carbon Watch

    When you think of the watches coming from New Zealand-based Magrette, you might be tempted to write them off as “seen one, seen them all.” While it is true that they follow a particular design style, there are some interesting variations across the lineup (not to mention the heavily-engraved series). Their latest, the Magrette Regattare Carbon, definitely ups the ante … Keep reading
  • Giuliano Mazzuoli Contagiri Watch Hands-On

    When it comes to watches that draw inspiration from the world of automobiles, it really does not seem like we have any shortage of choice. When it comes to designs that mimic actual pieces of a car, however, then pickings get a bit slimmer. As we saw with this watch, some brands do really have a handle on that design … Keep reading
  • Romain Jerome Batman-DNA Watch Debut

    For the 75th Anniversary of Batman, Swiss Romain Jerome has partnered with DC Comics to produce the Batman-DNA collection of limited edition watches. There is one version of the watch and it is limited to just 75 pieces with a Batman logo on the dial and case shaped with angles on the bezel to remind of the Batmobile. It might … Keep reading
  • Savoy Watch Winder Safe No. 3 Mixes Modern & Vintage Parts For $825,000

    Savoy Safes and Scatola del Tempo teamed up once again for the production of the Savoy Safe No. 3, a highly ornate modern watch safe that uses a circa 1800 vintage safe as an exterior. This is the ultimate way for antique lovers to combine an amazing historic safe with a watch winder, to keep their high-end timepieces wound and … Keep reading
  • Blancpain Villeret Pulsometer Flyback Chronograph Watch Hands-On

    The reason why the Blancpain Villeret Pulsometer Flyback Chronograph watch is worth knowing more about is because it is the first attempt by Blancpain to incorporate their new high-beat mechanical chronograph movement into a dress watch. This is an opportunity for movement lovers to enjoy Blancpain’s answer to Zenith’s El Primero movement in a more formal, versus sports watch. The … Keep reading
  • Rpaige Waltham Original Antique Dial Watch Review

    When we last discussed the Rpaige (Richard Paige) watch brand, it was as a review of the Rpaige Wrocket watch. If you recall, the concept was to take the movement of a vintage American pocket watch, and place it in a watch case with a special dial unique to the Wrocket collection. Consider, for a moment, if you took that … Keep reading
  • Buying Watches In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Martin Pulli

    Welcome back to an aBlogtoWatch original series, where we discuss important stores that sell watches all over the world. Each store we profile has an interesting story to tell about where they operate and who they sell to. Whether you READ MORE The article Buying Watches In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Martin Pulli first appeared on aBlogtoWatch and was written by Mark … Keep reading