• SevenFriday M2 Watch Review

    SevenFriday watches represent the type of unexpected success story that I am proud exists in the modern watch industry. Leveraging social media and a more youthful mentality, SevenFriday has created a durable standard for what an accessible, modern mechanical wrist watch can be, and how to make it desirable. Today, I’d like to review the second major collection of watches … Keep reading
  • HYT H3 Watch & Video

    At Baselworld 2015, HYT (the hydromechanical horologists) will present their third major new release – the HYT H3. A few months ago HYT presented the Skull watch, which while being a new watch – was closely aligned with the original HYT H1. Unique, weird, and controversial, the HYT Skull was merely a fun distraction from what would be the main … Keep reading
  • Buying Watches In Austin, Texas: Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry + Timepieces

    In Austin, as a spread-out metropolitan area, you don’t find a concentration of watch stores in a single area like you do in New York City (or Waikiki in Honolulu, for that matter). So you have to embark on a “search and enjoy” mission to find watch retailers such as Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry + Timepieces, which opened the doors … Keep reading
  • WATCH GIVEAWAY: Traser Classic Automatic Master

    This month on aBlogtoWatch, you have a chance to win a Traser Classic Automatic Master – an interesting hybrid design which melds the utility of a tactical field watch with the versatility of a more formal dress watch. The Traser READ MORE The article WATCH GIVEAWAY: Traser Classic Automatic Master first appeared on aBlogtoWatch and was written by Ariel Adams. … Keep reading
  • WATCH WINNER REVIEW: Tudor Heritage Chrono

    I remember not too long ago reading the winner’s write-up of the Maurice Lacroix Pontos S and thinking, wow, this guy really loves what he just won, and I wish I could be lucky enough to win a giveaway here. Not even a few weeks later, after signing up, I get an email from Ariel saying I’ve won! I never … Keep reading
  • LAST CHANCE: Seah Astronomer Watch Giveaway

    Just one more day to enter for a chance to win a Seah Astronomer watch, this month on aBlogtoWatch… The article LAST CHANCE: Seah Astronomer Watch Giveaway first appeared on aBlogtoWatch and was written by David Bredan. … Keep reading
  • BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends February 27, 2015

    Independent watchmaking is one of the most fascinating facets of horology and watch collecting. Therefore kickstarting this month’s round-up is our trip to a little known watchmaker in Hungary by the name of Aaron Becsei, who makes each of his watches by hand and by himself. The article BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends February 27, 2015 first appeared on aBlogtoWatch … Keep reading
  • Perrelet Turbine Skeleton Watch

    For 2015, the Perrelet Turbine Skeleton marks a return to some of the original reasons why the Turbine collection was so cool for a while. What you essentially have is a smaller version of the Turbine XL case (more on that below) with the entire rear part of the watch face missing. The article Perrelet Turbine Skeleton Watch first appeared … Keep reading
  • MMT ‘Horological Smartwatch’ Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley

    Swiss analog watches that are also smartwatches? The Horological Smartwatch with an MMT movement will connect to a host phone via Bluetooth, and a companion app that is vital to the experience. MMT watches will have no digital screens and no charging ports. For most people seeing them, they will look identical to traditional analog timepieces. The article MMT ‘Horological … Keep reading